Saturday, July 23, 2011

DB3 and RocketHub!

Alex Lifeson is currently producing the David Barrett Trio. So far,  we've managed to record three tunes, without spending any money, due to Alex pulling favors. In order to complete our album we are rasing funds using RocketHub. Rockethub is not an investment or charity. It's an exchange: funds from fans for rewards from The David Barrett Trio. Please check out the our page for details, thanks, DB.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The 3RD DB3 tune Disappearance, available now!

The 3rd single Disappearance from David Barrett Trio is now available for digital download, this is the last of the three tunes produced by Alex Lifeson that will be released before the full album is recorded. This was a lot of fun to record, multi-tracked snare drums, double tracked fretless bass, Moog Taurus Bass Pedals, Gibson 175, Les Paul Gold Top, Strat, Martin, and  Steel Guitar Loops. We even used the original Roland CE-1 Chorus Ensemble from the 1970's classic Rush recordings!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Guitar Rig.

Don Mackrill from Mack Amps asked me to give him some info on my current guitar rig, so here goes! There’s no real short answer and I’ve made many changes over the last year regarding what I’m using and how I’m setting things up. I have three basic guitar rigs that are quite simple and used for different types of music that I play. Gone are are the vintage effects, velcro covered plywood boards, adapters, etc.,  that can all sound cool but turn into a nightmare due to many factors that occur both travelling and at home in the studio.

Mini Rig: For recording and solo/duo guitar orientated gigs I use a Mack Gem 2G with a 10” Celestion Greenback. I use an Ernie Ball Volume Pedal and if I want additional volume, I take an output from the volume pedal and feed it into a Line 6 Spider (also w/Celestion). This away I can use the foot switch for the two channels on the GEM (everything is set on stun), and use the Line 6 FBV2 to change presets that include bits of tape echo, reverb, and chorus. There are many tone combinations with this small set up.

Tube Rig: The Heatseeker (w/Greenback 12”) is great for vintage tube sounds set  on “Burn” with volume and tone around half. For playing Les Paul and Chet Atkins tunes, I plug my Gibson 175 or Les Paul Jr. Robot into the BOSS ME-50 for some echo and reverb. This amp is also ideal for my 1956 Gibson Console twin neck steel guitar! For a louder rock setting I split the signal at the ME-50 stereo output and add the GEM. Oddly there is no problem combining the 4 watt amp with the 18, the GEM is set full, while the HS-18 is set about half. If I need to hear the GEM more, I set it on an angle or elevate it with an IKEA speaker stand, which enables me to aim it directly at me, so I always hear it. Important to note that I use “cheaters” or ground lifts to always lift the ground on the second  amp I’ve added in the chain.

Monster Rig: For my trio and other loud rock situations I use Alex Lifeson’s Hughes & Kettner ZenTera. It’s programmed with many beefy rectified amp sounds and effects ranging from chorus, flange, phase, tape echo, and reverb. From the volume pedal, I add an output to the Mack GEM for dry tube sounds, both clean and dirty. Occasionally, (stage size permitting) I’ll add the Mack Heetseeker and switch between the GEM and The Heetseeker with an A/B box, so that I have a wider range of dry tube amp sounds to mix with the effected and usually more distorted H&K. A Planet Waves strobe tuner is also in line before the volume pedal to try and keep the double neck in tune!

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